Team spirit

Twintex provides continuous training for our employees, across every level of the Company. Twintex organizes regular health checkups to all collaborators, and offers health insurance assistance. We are recognized for paying the highest wages in our industry. Our concern has a strong reflex on the Team Spirit, daily felled in our premises.

The final result, and intended one, is that we all understand the Concept of Quality and Care, needed to achieve the best, and only the Best Quality Levels!


Twintex provides an easy work environment where employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence. We maintain a superior level of integrity, while interacting with business Partners.

We strive to be clothing industry standard, in service to our customers.

TheTwintex Board


António Mineiro – Founder
Bruno Mineiro – Director of Client Management
Mico Mineiro – Country Manager
Rui Folgado – Director of Production & Product Development

Catarina Manuel – Client Manager
Gonçalo Gomes – Client Manager
Filipa Gameiro – Client Manager
Idalina Antunes – Client Manager

Patrícia Ferreira – Client Manager