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Twintex, the Leading SME.

This was the highlight of Issue 410 by Exame magazine when it brought to the public an accurate survey of the 2146 Portuguese companies that were honored with the title of PME Líder (SME leader). In this universe Twintex appears in position 255 being pointed as an accelerator of the growth of the country, taking advantage of a sustainable growth for the environment and for the Portuguese economy, without neglecting the investment in innovation and development by integrating all this dynamics into unprecedented social and regional care.


Mission 100% Portuguese

The success of the RTP 1 television program, "Missão 100% Português" came to Twintex in the episode number 15. In exemplifying the large and worldwide Portuguese textile and garment sector, Twintex was singled out as a success case.

Check out the program at the link below::


Saxion School Visit

The Saxion Fashion School of the Netherlands, in its course of study visits in Portugal, arrived at Twintex. The students were able to check the process of producing high quality garments that are exported to 4 continents. Upon completion of the tour, presentation of the company's introductory video and a round of questions was made. The students will stay in Portugal until Saturday morning and have already promised to return in the next year.


Visit of the School of the Aldeia de Joanes

The local school paid a visit to Twintex on Friday (04/05). The purpose of the visit was to deepen the study of good uses of non-renewable resources such as water. Different from the common visits, children began to see the photovoltaic panels and the importance of this installation for the sector, followed by the reuse of water and the intelligent use of other resources. Twintex, known for its environmental performance, has become a great case study for children looking to learn more about responsible manufacturing practices.


Visit of the School of Alcaria

As part of the study visits project, the Alcaria School made a stop at Twintex. The visit, which had about 25 children and 3 teachers, ended with a round of questions from the children. The cycle of study visits began at the Wool Museum of UBI, where they learned about the design of the textile and finished at Twintex, where the applicability of the textile was verified in high quality productions.


Donation of garments for the School of the Casa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima

About 100 pieces of high quality garments were part of the donation to the Casa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The institution aims to raise funds for the purchase of a bus, which will allow greater mobility for children attending the institution, including for educational excursions. The garments will be sold at the institution's events and all the money raised will be reversed for the cause.


Donation of garments for the School of the Casa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima

About 100 pieces of high quality garments were part of the donation to the Casa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The institution aims to raise funds for the purchase of a bus, which will allow greater mobility for children attending the institution, including for educational excursions. The garments will be sold at the institution's events and all the money raised will be reversed for the cause.


Visit of the kindergarten of Soalheira and Póvoa da Atalaia

Twintex was visited by about 20 children from the kindergartens of Soalheira and Póvoa da Atalaia. Interested in the method of creating the garments, the visit had a stop and explanation in each of the manufacturing processes.


Twintex in the newspaper Textile

The new edition of the newspaper Textile (No. 224) was printed with the words of Customer Management Director of Twintex. According to him, Portuguese clothing is experiencing a period of maturity and prosperity after a "painful" phase. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of human resources and school-to-business partnerships, a model adopted by Twintex in partnership with Modatex. For the future, the Director highlights the presence of machinery and automation, which represent a strong investment in the industry today. Check out the full text:


Technical visit of the Master of Fashion Design of the University of Beira Interior

About 12 students and 2 professors of the Masters in Fashion Design from UBI made a technical visit to Twintex. The objective was to show how garments are made from the world's largest brands, as well as to know the latest in confectionery technology. The visit, which lasted about 2 hours, had a detailed observation of the confection’s processes and machines, as well as a round of questions. Twintex also made the donation of fabric in order to encourage new productions and future professionals.


Visit of the school of Janeiro de Cima

About 10 students from the 1st Cycle of studies at the school of Janeiro de Cima took a tour to learn about high-quality manufacturing. The children's innate curiosity was contagious, so that the three teachers who accompanied the tour were also able to learn and have fun.


Twintex in partnership with Fundão City Hall works for a happier Christmas

In order to embrace the diverse social initiatives that aim at a better Christmas for the families of the region, Twintex made several donations from cash values to garments and fabrics, through donations in kind, with the contribution of the creation of solidarity baskets and donation of toys for the needy children. Most of the actions supported were jointly with the Fundão City Hall and the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Fundão, which resulted in massive and diversified support for the region.


Twintex Christmas Party

The traditional Twintex Christmas party, in which gifts for all the factory workers' children are distributed, was held on Saturday. More than 80 educational toys were distributed, in addition to the New Baby Kits, which are offered to all employees who became mothers in the year, at a party that had a large participation of the company's employees. Also featured were cartoons and various recreational activities for children, which they could get to know better and integrate with their parents' workplace.


Twintex renews Statute of Strategic Interest for the Economy

The reaffirmation of the Strategic Interest Statute places Twintex again in the spotlight. According to the certificate of the Institute of Employment and Professional Training, the company has great strategic interest for the national economy, generating jobs and development not only for the region but for the whole country. Recently named one of the 50 largest exporters of garments in Portugal, Twintex has open sails to the modern winds, renewing itself every day, evolving and showing to four continents that we are able to produce to the highest standards in the world.


Twintex among the leading garment exporters in the country

According to the National Statistics Institute of Portugal, Twintex is among the top 50 garment exporters in the country, ranking taking into account the entire export made by the sector in the year 2016. The achievement highlights Twintex, pointing out a relatively large weight of the company in the field, focused on several international markets and on 4 continents.


Visit of the Covilhanense Mutual Association

A group of about 17 seniors from the Covilhãense Mutualist Association paid a visit to Twintex. Many of them had previously worked in confections and were motivated by the major changes in technology that were verified during the visit.

The association, with more than 100 years of existence, is involved in various social projects and aims to help those who need it most.


Wing restoration in the Nursing Home of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Fundão

On the afternoon of this Tuesday (21/11) an event of symbolic re-inauguration of a restored wing of the Nursing Home of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Fundão was attended by the main supporters of this cause. The reformed wing has new armchairs for the inmates, who enjoy greater comfort and optimized space, Twintex was present in the symbolic act, in order to reinforce the long partnership with the Institution.


Visit of the school Peroviseu of Fundão

Curious glances, notes, and enthusiastic questions were all part of Twintex's day of operation. This is the visit of the Peroviseu school and kindergarten, which verified the industrial process of manufacturing high-quality garments. The tour was made with two animated groups, which also took the opportunity to make breakfast in the company.


Visit of the Secretary of State for Internationalization to Twintex

The Secretary of State for Internationalization, Dr. Eurico Brilhante Dias paid a visit to the Twintex facilities on Saturday. The objective was to discuss internationalization solutions in order to encourage exports in the country. The visit counted on numerous participants of the official entourage and with presentation of introductory video on the processes of production of the factory, being Twintex, one of the main exporting companies of the country.


Twintex Technical Visit

The long-term partnership between Twintex and Modatex is generating more and more benefits, in addition to contributions to Twintex Academy, Modatex made a technical visit to Lisbon trainers who spent the morning checking out the latest trends in high-quality manufacturing. The aim was to update the knowledge in order to align the teaching of new students.


PME Líder 2017

Twintex has superior performance. This is what IAPMEI (Institute of support for small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation) believes in by renewing PME Líder certification for another year. According to IAPMEI, the companies honored with the distinction have better ratings, standing out in the national and international markets.


Twintex invests in the qualification of the regional workforce

In order to continue its mission of being a human resources qualification benchmark, Twintex Academy is with a new class that represents a source of strength and new blood in the company. This is a partnership between Twintex and Modatex, where they teach the principles of high quality manufacturing, as well as production properties and methods.

The approximately 15 lecturers seek specialization and reallocation in the labor market, through the powerful alliance of theory and practice. Beginning this month, classes are scheduled to continue until next year, generating qualified regional professionals capable of meeting the highest quality demands of Twintex garments production.


Twintex and ANIVEC

The Secretary of State for Internationalization Eurico Brilhante Dias visited ANIVEC, an institution where Twintex is vice president. During this visit were discussed the new international expansion efforts, both commercial and image expansion, that are being made by the Portuguese fashion industry. At the meeting were taken into account the topics as: entry into new markets, Brexit, reciprocity of customs tariffs etc. All in keeping with Twintex's mission of manufacturing emotions all over the world.

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Twintex supports sports and the dream of young people

About 18 young people were able to fulfill the dream of playing football in Sweden. The initiative is run by the Gothia Cup, a tournament held annually in Gothenburg, Sweden, which has about 1,500 youth teams, from 11 to 19 years old, from more than 60 countries. The support of Twintex and other companies allowed the development of a competitive regional team that was keen to debut on the Swedish lawns.


Blood Donation at Twintex

Through a partnership with the Covilhã Humanitarian Blood Group, on October 3rd Twintex performs blood collection at the factory for the sixth time. The donation was free for all employees who would like to participate in the cause. Together, the group and Twintex have harvested more than 30 volunteers, increasingly raising Twintex's mission of social concern.

"For Company Management of Twintex

The Direction of the Human Blood Donors Group of Covilhã thanks the availability of facilities and the conditions provided to make possible the collection of blood made today.

We want to involve the support team between the Humanitarian Group and the donors. Wishing the continuity of many happiness and health for your Company. Administration and Employees, we endorse ourselves with humanitarian greetings.

The Vice-President of Direction

José Nunes "


Manufacturing emotions

For another year we can celebrate success. A successful many, but representing only one goal. Working daily to be fulfilled, so that we can manufacture emotions to all corners of Europe and the World.

A garment is more than a piece of stitched fabric, we believe it is the reflection of a personality, it is the ultimate expression of each being. And as for us, we are also much more than a confectionery factory, we are a family and we have been together for 38 years.

The success of our company is the success of each one, it is the proof of team competence, harmony, unity of efforts and goals. Congratulations Twintex, congratulations collaborators, congratulations sympathizers, for being 38 years doing what we know best, manufacture emotions.


Twintex Back to School Event!

This Saturday, Twintex distributed over 80 kits of school supplies to the employees' children. The event included visits to the company, for the kids to know the workplace of their parents, presentation of cartoons and lots of entertainment. The party ended with the distribution of the kits.

The traditional "Back to School" initiative is an attempt to stimulate education and contribute to the future of Twintex employees 'families, as well as bringing children closer to their parents' work and raising awareness of the importance of the study.


Adriana and Twintex

The story of Adriana and Twintex served as inspiration for the "make yourself to the future" campaign of Garantia Jovem, a program supported by IEFP. The channel held an interview that shows how the student entered the job market and reveals her daily life as a product developer at Twintex.

"It's a company like few here in the area, because it employs a lot of people. We work with internationally renowned brands and I think I could not have started better. "Adriana Brito. The 24-year-old from Seia was invited to give a talk about this story and for another interview with a newspaper, check out the complete communication at:

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Matriz E6G on Twintex visit

Promoting social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable conditions, this is the mission of Matriz E6G and was also the purpose of the visit to Twintex. About 15 curious youngsters and children who wanted to know more about the production of high quality clothes made a tour of the factory, which ended with an audiovisual presentation and round of questions.


Twintex bets on professional requalification

Technology and Fabric Design, names that are naturally linked to Twintex and which also identify the training that took place in the company's academy. From July 28 to August 4 the course included extensive employee participation, which aimed to enhance and refine the ease of identification of tissues as well as to better understand its intrinsic applicability.

The solid partnership with the University of Beira interior allowed the specialization to be taught by Prof. Dr. Rui Miguel, president of the Department of Science and Technology of Textiles of the institution. The union of academia and production, from theoretical to practical, is the goal of Twintex Academy, which prepares people on a daily basis to be able to meet the challenges of the highest segments of the fashion industry.


APPACDM from Fundão at Twintex

The Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled Citizen, on their tour circuit, stopped at Twintex this time. With around 20 people, the visit began with a brief explanation of the history of the garment manufacturer company and of the awards obtained over time. Good humor and curiosity define the group, who could watch, in addition to the introductory video, the entire production process from the arrival of the fabric to the packaging of the garment.


Children visit Twintex

It is the ATL Santo António, in Covilhã, which brought about 30 of its students to meet Twintex and the process of manufacturing high quality garments. The session included a guided tour of the factory and a round of questions.


António Mineiro Sewing School

Cova da Beira's advanced training center is out of planning and ready to give high quality and high level of specialization. It is a partnership between the town hall, the professional school, the commercial association, the University of Beira Interior and the institute of employment and professional training, which aims to adapt workers to the needs of companies.

Focused on three large areas, agriculture, technology and precision industry, the new advanced training center has already started, with advanced French classes focused on polishing and technology. And if there is technology and investment in quality in the region, there is Twintex. The founder of the company, António Mineiro was honored with a classroom in his name, where emotions, innovations and regional development are manufactured. Cova da Beira's advanced training center is prepared to receive most of the students in September and already has countless registrations for the various courses offered.


L’industrie textile portugaise a pris son evol

This is the full-page text title, published in the latest edition of the acclaimed Journal du Textile, in France. As a kind of déjà vu, the Portuguese textile industry is again placed in focus by the largest and most traditional brands in the world.

Recognized for its ability to survive, combining high technology with tradition and creativity, the Portuguese textile industry reinforces its sentence of high quality products, reasonable prices and delivered on time. With a growth that exceeds every year, it keeps your savoir fare (skill), is alive, dynamic and ready to "take off".


Altamente Center in Twintex

Curious glances went through the production of Twintex with various gifts. This is a study visit from @centroaltamente that brought 20 kids to get to know Twintex better. The factory tour, followed by a video was able to arouse great curiosity in the group, who participated in a long round of questions.


Visão Article

Twintex has been recognized for its technological innovation and regional development. Small in size but with global ambitions, the Fundão region was the subject of a special article in the new edition (1287) of the Vision magazine that listed the major technological innovations in it.

Called "The new Silicon Valley" it was identified as a promising region, which holds great potential for development. New companies and schools from many countries are being attracted, while Twintex was cited for being in a process of constant renewal, classified as one of the locomotives of this technological train, loaded with development for the region.


Twintex has a new look!

The new Twintex logo features a custom font and contemporary patterns. Manufacturing emotions requires a concern to always be ahead of our time, to make explicit the exclusiveness character and the high standards of quality. The new image is an aid in the transmission of these values, which sustain Twintex actions.


Internal campaign for the victims of the fire

The internal campaign to assist the victims of the region of Leiria generated surprising results. Hundreds of pieces of adult and children's clothing, towels and bedding were delivered to the Fundão firefighters, who will distribute them in the affected region.

The campaign had tremendous collaboration and involvement from factory workers, which in turn also contributed with garments produced by Twintex itself, and hundreds of hangers donated to help with the separation and distribution of the pieces in the region. The collection of funds made by the employees were doubled by Twintex and the total amount transferred directly through the bank account opened for assistance to the victims.


New times

New times call for new changes and the Twintex with open sails to modern winds also evolved, bringing a bold remodeling of the image. The new Logo counts on more contemporary standards and personalized font with the intention of reproducing our style of exclusivity and quality. Wait.


Study visit

The Superior School of Applied Arts, the ESART Castelo Branco paid a visit to Twintex on 12 June. The proposal was to accompany the diligent work of Twintex for paradigms brands of the fashion world.


New destination in Covilhã

The IMB inaugurated the "Puralã-Wool Valley" hotel in Covilhã on June 2 from a major investment in the redesign of the former Tourism Hotel. The project, which was sponsored by Prime Minister António Costa, aims to accentuate and explore the region's historical characteristics.

Twintex wishes the IMB family the best of luck and success in their new and daring endeavor. The "Puralã-Wool Valley" offers several regional leisure and gastronomy options that update the hub concept of tourist destinations in the Serra da Estrela and the Beira region, through strong allusions to its textile characteristics.


Hello Twintex

Twintex attended the event that took place at the Beira Baixa Business Association (AEBB), in the industrial park of Tortosendo. For two days, June 8 and 9, people seeking jobs and contacts with local businesses had the opportunity to visit the institutions' stands in order to look for more information and to send their CVs. Thematic sections, workshops of the work universe, entrepreneurship training and cultural presentations filled the agenda of the fair entitled "Hello Jobs", which had as target the set of region companies, young people and adults seeking jobs and the general community.

"It was beneficial to participate in this event by bringing the factory closer to people who are looking to work with us. It was a positive experience that allowed us to receive several interesting profiles. "Filipa Gameiro, present at the opening of the fair and Client Manager of Twintex.


Investment in quality professionalization

Students from the so-called "dressmakers' school", a project that was created between Modatex and the region's textile industries, and collaborators of a promising and recent company of the branch, Gardutextil visited Twintex on May 30th in order to meet the high-level professional market . The visit of about fifteen students and collaborators and two teachers had a brief history of the company, where its greatest successes were pointed, presentation of the plant and the production lines, followed by an introductory video. During the visit, they had the possibility to ask questions and to integrate themselves into the way of producing professional work.


Mário Centeno and Twintex

A causual meeting with the Excellency, Mr. Finance Minister Dr Mário Centeno produced some honors for the company. According to the minister, Twintex is doing a job that pleases, and soon should receive his illustrious visit officially in the factory dependencies for a narrowing of relations.


Twintex seeks greater integration between the job market and academia

It took place at the University of Beira Interior from May 9 to 11 and in a new shift from 16 to 18 of the same month, a fair that aimed at greater integration between labor market and academia. The students had the opportunity to learn more about some of the companies in the region and to send their CVs, knowing the internal functioning of the entities and talking with professionals from different areas. Twintex, with its mission of innovation and the reception of new ideas was present at the event, with stands created in two university faculties, Arts and Letters and social and human sciences. The six-day fair featured workshops and conferences to encourage not only the sending of CVs but also the motivation of entrepreneurship. "I was pleased to know that several students already knew Twintex and showed a lot of interest in working with the company," says Catarina Manuel, Twintex's Client Manager and present at the closing of the fair, which took place on May 18.


Global SEDEX audit

The global SEDEX audit is an evaluation of companies that aims to qualify them from the good use of ethics. After a process of visits that verified every detail, from the salary conditions of our employees, safety conditions and work in general, Twintex renewed its certificate, guaranteeing the seal of quality for at least another year. SMETA is one of the most used auditions in the world, so that the achievement of its seal means international proficiency in ethics, good health and work relations. The company born in Fundão once again achieves a high quality level, developing technology and innovation in the region. Achieving this seal allows companies that become Twintex customers to know beforehand that we work with demanding standards of quality and social responsibility.


Collection of Blood Twintex

With the collaboration of CEDACE, it was the 5th time Twintex organized a collection of blood inside the company. All the workers had the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to this initiative, and we brought together more than 40 donations on the same day, which makes all of us very proud.


Senior Academy of Fundão

Senior Academy of Fundão visited Twintex


Secretary of State for Employment

The Secretary of State for Employment of Portugal, Miguel Cabrita, visited Twintex - Indústria de Confecções, Lda.


Twintex supports Cultural development

There’s a very strong partnership between Fundão’s Town Hall and Twintex, so it was established last December a protocol between both. It wants to create awareness on the children of Beira Interior, of all the history of textile manufacturing in this area. The first visit of this project included more than 30 children and teachers of the following local schools: Primary School of Fatela and Capinha, and Enxames and Fatela Kindergarden. It started in the ancient Real Industry of Cloth of Fundão, and finally passed by Twintex. It is with much satisfaction that Twintex collaborates with activities that support the development of local culture.


Garment exports grow 7,7 %

In total, the Portuguese companies of the textile sector exported 2,850 million euros in the first 11 months of 2016, a value that is already very close to the exported in the complete year of 2015. Between January and November of 2016, the portuguese clothing exports were 202 million euros more, when comparing to the same period of 2015, being only 40 million euros away from the value of January and December 2015. The European market is still the biggest consumer of the “made in Portugal, with revenues for the EU rising 8,5%, to 2,260 million euros. Sweden (+24.7%), Netherlands (+17%), Italy (+16.6%) and Spain (+13.1%) were the main growth drivers in this period. Outside the UE market, the EUA registered a new improvement (+7.4%) to 76.4 million euros. Also interesting to note is the regain in exports to France, the second biggest market for the Portuguese clothing, that had been experiencing a corresponding fall in recent months. In November, shipments of clothing to France were at the same level as recorded in 2015, at EUR 365,3 million euros. "This recovery is very positive for the national clothing industry, giving signs of stabilization of the French market after a year marked by a slowdown in the country, victim of several terrorist attacks that affected the consumption», says César Araújo, President of the Board of ANIVEC. «It is more good news in addition to growth in major markets for the companies in the sector, as is the case of Spain, Italy and USA», he adds.

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Christmas dinner of ANIVEC APIV, attended TWINTEX

Last December the ANIVEC (National Association of Industries of Garments and Clothing) hosted a Christmas dinner that brought together some Portuguese Companies. Twintex thanks their presence and continued support!


Twintex receives certificate of participation from APPACDM- Fundão

Twintex belongs to partners and volunteers supporting APPACDM Fundão. This is the reason why Twintex participated in the Award Session. It was a great happiness for us to visit them and to contribute to the Mission of the Association. At the end there was a small coffe-breack with the employees, volunteers and partners of the APPACDM (an institution which supports mentally disabled children and adults) of Fundão. Thank you, and Please count on the TWINTEX TEAM.


Twintex invited to be a speaker at DTB’s annual Conference.

DTB is the German Textile Association based in Dusseldorf. With great satisfaction Twintex was invited to be a speaker in the annual Conference of the Association, being represented by our Director of Client Management (Bruno Mineiro), who had the opportunity to share what it is, and what defines Twintex. Finally, Portugal was presented as a safe bet Industrially and Economically for Investment.


Universidade da Beira Interior Visits Twintex

Keeping an healthy habit, in beginning of December the students of master's degree of Fashion Design at the University of Beira Interior, having the opportunity to know our facilities and see how an industrial clothing a manufacturer of industrial clothing. In addition, as a clear sense of parntership Twintex offered fabrics for students develop creative minds and create their collection. Twintex wishes all, the greatest success, and that one day we can all say WE ARE TWINTEX!


APPACDM – “Blue Berets”

Last week Twintex received the Students from APPACDM Fundão for them to sell the blue berets, for the Salvador Association campaign. More than 40 berets were sold in order to help those who need it most, mission accomplished! Count on TWINTEX!!


Christmas Donation for the “Social Shop” in Fundão

Keeping the moment that is already a tradition for us, Twintex has once again got together with the “Social Shop” in Fundão, donating clothes and olive oil that are to be distributed by the families in need of our town. Twintex wishes a Merry X-Mas!


Solidarity Lunch

On 15th December, Twintex offered a solidarity lunch, that got together some of the most influent institutions of our region. The representatives of the Red Cross from Fundão and Covilhã, the National Charity Centre, Fundão and Covilhã Town Hall, Social Shop and ANIVEC got together in a solidarity lunch to give hands and reunite solidarity efforts to the year 2017. Twintex thanks their presence and continued support!


Christmas at Twintex

On the 17TH December it happened once again, our amazing Christmas party for the children. This year with the participation of the Academy of Music & Dance of Fundão, which presented us with an extraordinary concert of guitars and violins. All children received presents, and also this year´s in addition new moms received their baby Kits, as a housewarming gift for new members of Twintex family. Twintex also established a protocol with the National Charity Centre of Fundão that includes discounts up to 40% on the Nursery School, daycare, ATL and even at the Academy of Music and Dance of Fundão. TWINTEX wishes everyone a Holy and Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


Twintex receives certificate of participation of the Modatex

Twintex belongs to the Group of companies of the ITV (Textile and Clothing Manufacturing Industry), which cares for recognition, validation and certification of the skills of our workers. This is the reason why MODATEX gave a diploma to Twintex, personally delivered Secretary of State for employment Dr. Miguel Cabrita.


Garment exportation growing 7,8% until August 2016!

Official data of the ANIVEC states that until August of 2016, The Portuguese Garment sector has exported more than 2000 million Euros, with an extraordinary growth of 7.8% compared to the same period in 2015. Exciting news, that proves the good times Portuguese’s textile industry is going through at this moment.


Collection of Blood and Marrow at Twintex!

With the collaboration of CEDACE, it was the 4th time Twintex organized a collection of blood and marrow inside the company. All the workers had the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to this initiative, and we brought together more than 40 donations on the same day, which makes all of us very proud.


Twintex sponsors Freshmen 2016 of University of Beira Interior!

Twintex keeps on supporting the Academy, this time at the welcoming party and the Marketing Freshman 2016, to whom Twintex wishes all the best.


Twintex renews the Enterprise Leader 2015 Award!

The IAPMEI (Portuguese Agency for Competiveness and Innovation) awarded Twintex with the distinction “Enterprise Leader 2016”, demonstrating the elevated Industrial, Human and Social efforts which Twintex is consolidating.


TWINTEX produces 60% of Electricity used!

TWINTEX produces 60% of the electricity used in the period from March to September. In a total of 153 days of activity, TWINTEX granted the total production of energy in 92 days. Our autonomy reaches a fabulous 60%, and this is possible due to the full operation of about 1000 existing solar photovoltaic panels. Not only pollutant emissions have decreased, as we also have the security of relying on a source of energy that is unlimited and non-polluting, the SUN.



SEDACOR, in partnership with TWINTEX, wins the INOVATÊXTIL 2016 award. in the Product Category, with an extraordinary coat made with an innovative cork fabric “Pear Black QK”, combining the characteristics and properties of the cotton. The triumphant product was presented at the Showcase of Innovative Products made by CITEVE (Technological Centre of Textile and Clothing), under the iTechtStyle Innovation Business Forum®, a reference initiative in promoting innovation in textiles and clothing.


Twintex Celebrates the Back to School 2016

New Year, new Back to School event! Once again, TWINTEX has put together a school kit, including essential school materials to offer to all our team’s children. Have a GREAT YEAR KIDS!


Optometry consultations in Twintex

Last August Twintex with Partnership with Ótica Riscado provided medical appointments in Optometry. This was an event with very relevant social character for us, done in all our Factory Units. With a total of more than 100 appointments, for Twintex is a great honour to collaborate for the wellbeing of our employees.


Twintex supports the music project of “Associação de Música do Fundão”

At Twintex the wellbeing and intellectual development of our children are a constant concern for us. This way, we are proud sponsors of initiatives for students of the local Music Academy, so that they can pursue their artistic studies, other way it wouldn’t be possible. The students on the 5th grade had the chance to perform activities in Portugal and London, through the Music Academy of Fundão. Twintex is very grateful to be able to be a part in these projects, and contributing to the fulfillment of dreams of these children.


Holiday plan with Twintex – Learning Center “ALTA.MENTE”

Last June, TWINTEX provided the opportunity for the Learning Center “ALTA.MENTE" to visit the factory. It was a very funny day with hand crafts and meeting with family members working at Twintex.

Our doors are always open to receive the children and youngsters of the region to join our team in the near future.


Twintex approved with distinction ISO9001 renovation

After the yearly audit from eiC, Twintex has a renewed certificate of ISO 9001:2008, proving the rigorous standards that guide our company management in terms of the Quality system. Another step further was given towards the preparation of ISO 14000, that complies with quality in different areas in the Company, from Social Compliance to leadership or focus on customers, through the involvement of suppliers in the quality process.


June 2016 Textile Journal - TWINTEX

"We have the courage to make what is required to have a factory of future", Says Twintex at the great interview of the June 2016 Textile Journal. The Theme is Clothing Manufacturing in the Green Lane, and our ECOFashion Concept with its goal of building an infinitely sustainable system is shown as a great example.

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Children's Day - TWINTEX

On Children's Day, Twintex awarded 3 bicycles to the children of our workers. Simão, Alfonso and Vitoria were the winners of the raffle, and received their bikes with a big smile.

Mission Accomplished!


Conference Calls

Twintex has available the latest technology HD 4K for Conference Calls by Skype or FaceTime (Apple), facilitating live meetings no matter where you are. Reach us at : twintex.conference .


TWINTEX Qualifies for the National Ranking

As per the National Statistics Institute Twintex is 56th Garment Exporter, and also the 234th position on Portuguese Exports. Great news, to motivate the team for future endeavors.


III Collection of Blood and Marrow at Twintex

With the support of CEDACE, Twintex held the third Blood and Marrow Collection, bringing together more than 70 donors on the same day. Strength and determination to continue to develop these valuable contributions were the predominant feelings in an initiative that makes all of us very proud.


Result - Screening Breast Cancer

TWINTEX offered breast screening appointments to all its employees, with the support of Dr. Fortuna Campos. After months of awareness and screening consultations, the result was very positive. 301 medical appointments were held, corresponding to the observation of 290 women, about 85% of the total workers.


Fundão Music Festival

Twintex has sponsored the Fundão Music Festival (FMF), which took place on the 24th March. For the 4th year the FMF happened in Fundão, which is an event that happens due to the initiative of the local youngsters, which promotes Musical Culture and Portuguese Bands. The FMF presents itself as an innovative brand development and growth that aims c to enhance the success of the festival and expand it in time.


Twintex Life Card 2016

Twintex gives the new Twintex Life Card to our employees, offering discounts from 5% to 50% on: Greengrocer, Supermarket, Butcher Shop, Restaurant, Pharmacy, Optician, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, General Practitioner, Dental Healthcare, Clinical Laboratory, Gymnasium, Car Stand, Stationery Shop, Petrol Station Station and Tutoring Center.


70 years of the newspaper “Jornal do Fundão”

To the “Jornal do Fundao” newspaper, for their extraordinary informative, formative, social and supportive role that has played over their first 70 years of life.


TWINTEX bet on ergonomic solution for the welfare of employees

The benefits also translate to real gains through the morale of workers and their productivity and decrease the rate of absence because of illness or complaints because of injury. Benefits:

• They stimulate blood circulation and provide for the cramps;

• reduce fatigue and decrease the number of industrial accidents;

• Increase safety in the workplace;

• Improve the working environment and promote job satisfaction.

• They reduce the absence rate due to illness

• They favor an increase in productivity and possibly make a profit


TWINTEX invites: Know what’s in your chest

It is taking place at Twintex another relevant social initiative that is offering a Breast Cancer Survey in our factory plants, under the slogan “Know what’s in your chest”. With the support of Dr. Fortuna Campos (Surgeon Specialist), and Dr. Carlos Abreu (Twintex’s doctor), this initiative began in November with an awareness campaign, then proceeding to the evaluation medical appointments, giving preference to women older than 35. This initiative will only finish when all the workers have been evaluated, because prevention improves exponentially the success rate on fighting the disease.


Life and Peace Community

It is a great pleasure for Twintex to be a Friend of the “Life and Peace” Community in Lisbon, that helps homeless people. Last Christmas we had the privilege to participate in their activities and closely confirm all the help they provide people, as well as contributing with some clothes that are to be distributed amongst the homeless.


Solidarity Lunch

On 22nd December, Twintex offered a solidarity lunch, that got together some of the most influent institutions of our region. The representatives of the Red Cross from Fundão and Covilhã, the National Charity Centre, Fundão Town Hall and Social Shop, got together in a solidarity lunch to give hands and reunite solidarity efforts to the year 2016.


Visit from Modatex students

Recently we received a new visit of 15 students from Modatex, which are finishing their studies on the first module of Industrial Sewing Course. With this visit they had the chance to improve their knowledge, seeing on the field all the operations they learnt in the classroom.


Christmas at Twintex

The last 12th December was again the craziest day of the year, as around 200 children came by to have fun and receive their Christmas presents. In addition to this, this year’s new moms have received their “Baby Kits”, as a welcome gift to the new Twintex Family members. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!


Christmas Donation for the “Social Shop” in Fundão

Keeping the moment that is already a tradition for us, Twintex has once again got together with the “Social Shop” in Fundão, donating clothes that are to be distributed by the families in need of our town. In a first step, they were collected clothes for babies and children in our factory. The Twintex family helped with great enthusiasm. Besides, we have also donated Ladies and Menswear clothing. The delivery was made in the premises of the “Social Shop”.


Twintex Blood and Marrow Donation

Last 23rd November it has happened at our premises the second edition of the Twintex Blood Donation. It was even more special this time, because it was also collected blood to test marrow compatibility, to assist a 6 year old girl in need in our town. Once again we had more than 70 people donating, that were closely accompanied by the Blood Collection Team from Coimbra, with nurses and doctors, so that everything could run smoothly!


Twintex Celebrates the Back to School

New Year, new Back to School event!

Once again, TWINTEX has put together a school kit, including essential school materials to offer to all our team’s children. Have a GREAT YEAR KIDS!


Twintex receives Enterprise Leader 2015 Award

Coinciding with the celebration of the 36th anniversary of our factory, IAPMEI (the Portuguese Agency for Competiveness and Innovation) awarded Twintex with the distinction of “Enterprise Leader 2015”, demonstrating the elevated Industrial, Human and Social performances which Twintex is consolidating. The board says “…we know where we come from, as well as we know where we are heading….”, promising to keep on motivating human resources for challenges to come.


ANIVEC/APIV President Visit

Last 23rd July we received the distinct visit of the President of ANIVEC/APIV (Portuguese Association of Clothing and Manufacturing Industries). He was very pleased with what he saw, and had the care to enlighten the work we have been doing, encouraging the team to go further.



Last June TWINTEX received the visit of the students of Textile and Fashion Design, from ESART, a local Design University. This way they had the opportunity to understand practically what they had learnt at the University, and to actually see how a industrial clothing manufacturer works. Besides, it has also been signed an agreement between Twintex and ESART, so that their Masters Degree students can come to our company for internships. This way we intend to keep our doors open for the young students of the region to join our Team.


Twintex supports the project "Plant a Musician"

At Twintex we care with the well-being and development of our children, in this sense we support the activity “Plant a Musician”, which happens every year with the guidance of the music teacher, Luís Cipriano. Last weekend the Audition took place with 30 children involved, being the majority of them sons and daughters of Twintex workers. We are very happy to Congratulate all new Certified Musicians!” .


Twintex receives SMETA Audit Certificate

Twintex was audited by Intertek, last month of May 2015, in order to have a SMETA Certification. We can proudly say that TWINTEX has approved in every audit done until now! The SMETA is a common audit methodology and report format compiling best practices in ethical trade audit techniques. It proves that ethical trading is taking place. The scope of a SMETA audit incorporates both the ETI Base Code and other key ethical related requirements. These include Labour Standards, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.


Twintex Team Donating Blood

Last Monday, the 4th May The Humanitarian Group of Covilhã has organized a Blood Donation at Twintex, in which the Twintex Family has happily participated, counting 70 inscriptions. The Blood Collection Team from Coimbra arrived early in the morning and have actioned all necessary steps for a safe donation, bringing a team of doctors and nurses to examine each person and give the right support to 1st time donors. This is certainly be the 1st of many Blood Donations to happen at Twintex’ premises.


Twintex supports Associação Cultural da Beira Interior

This week, 9 students of the Twintex supported project “Plant a Musician”, promoted by Associação Cultural da Beira Interior were in Lisbon for a filming experience. This Clip was produced after an invitation from My Change, within the activities of the Management Change Conference. This international event will take place in Lisbon. A part from Maestro Luis Cipriano, denominated The Office, as the chosen one. Several tools from this working environment were used to create this musical piece. The intention is to improve the attitude when facing the daily challenges, by using everything we have on hand to produce music and overcome difficulties.


Visit of the Secreteray of State for Employment

Last April the 17th, Twintex was honored to receive the official visit of the Secretary of State for employment Dr. Octávio Oliveira, the CIP Vice-presidente Dr. José Guia, the UGT General Sectretary Dr. Carlos Silva and Fundão's Council Mayor Dr. Paulo Fernandes. At the end of the visit, the perception that Twintex remains to be a role model company when it comes to environmental and social matters was unanimous. The heartfelt farewells were registered on the company's Honor Book with wishes of hapiness and success for the future.


Santa Casa Da Misericórdia da Covilhã

Santa Casa Da Misericórdia da Covilhã, is one of the most relevant Social Institutions in Town. Their services provide solutions and well being for Babies, Children and Retired People every day, 365 days a year, it is a true reflex of Social Charity. TWINTEX was challenged by Tecidos Paulo De Oliveira to develop a partnership in order to offer the Staff Uniform for this Excellent Team. Though it is not the kind of product we usually develop and produce, this was something were very grateful to do.

The result is shown on the picture, and we could not happier!


Merry Christmas Twintex Children

Every year Santa comes to Twintex Last 20th of December more than 200 children got their Twintex Christmas Gift. This may well be the HIGHLIGHT of Twintex LIFE all Year Initiatives, lots of Fun, joy and laughter! UNFORGETABLE!!!!!!!!


Special Christmas Tree

Twintex stepped into the Christmas Spirit with the arrival of the most beautiful Christmas Present! This Christmas Tree was made by the students of the Local Elementary School with fabrics provided by Twintex for their manual activities.


Loja Social do Fundão

At Twintex we believe companies have an important role when it comes to regional development promotion but - above everything - they are equally responsible for its sustainability. Truth is - without solidarity – a lasting, all-inclusive and efficient development simply does not exist. In this sense, we could only help Loja Social do Fundão, which partnership with Twintex already became a tradition. This year we donated not only 100 Garments, but also 100 liters of oil, 102 liters of milk, 108 kg of rice, 100 kg of pasta, 100 kg of sugar and 100 kg of flour. Together we GO FURTHER !!!!!


Gardunha Viva Donation

For Twintex, solidarity and Social Conscience come First. Because it’s Christmas - and Christmas means Sharing – 500 liters of milk were donated to our local association Gardunha Viva.



These Reindeers were made from Twintex´s tissues which were donated to the Group of Schools Dr. Azevedo Neves, in Damaia. Nice Christmas Decoration!


António Mineiro Avenue

The end of our Anniversary’s Ceremony was truly thrilling with a Tribute from Fundão´s Municipality to our Founder, inaugurating the Plate giving the name of António Mineiro Avenue, to Twintex’s location.


Twintex LIFE - Back To School

Back to School is already a Tradition at Twintex. This is an open day when our Children have the opportunity of visiting their parent´s workplace and receive Twintex’s Yearly Scholar Kit , which is more than a simple gift. With this important initiative Twintex intends to create Extra Motivation for its Children, whilst Strengthen The Twintex LIFE concept.


Twintex Workshop

The TWINTEX ACADEMY is permanently improving collaborators’ Skills and Service, in order to Empower Clients. On the 24th of September Twintex has offered Clients and Collaborators a Tailoring Workshop in Cooperation with the most traditional specialized Tailors, focusing in the Half Canvas, Full Canvas, Floating Chest Piece Constructions. Considered an essential initiative to inspire our team and approach clients to our reality, the Workshop happened in real context.This means we developed a Tutorial introduction at our Academy and a Practical demonstration in our actual production line, demonstrating with our machines how to make this kind of operations. At the end of the Workshop, each participant has been awarded an Official Twintex Academy Diploma for their attendance.


35th Anniversary

True Emotion: that was how the Twintex Family celebrated its 35th Anniversary. In a new Open day at Twintex, The Chorus of Beira Interior opened the ceremony with a brand new piece dedicated to Twintex. The invitees then proceeded to the TURN ON of the second phase of Twintex’s electricity production through photovoltaic Panels, which amazingly increases the production capacity to an astonishing 60% of the total consumption of the Factory. The speeches of the Mayors of Covilhã and Fundão praised the extraordinary work capacity of the almost 400 collaborators, and agreed that Twintex is an example of pride for the Cova da Beira Region. The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of Merit Trophies to the Retired employees, as well as those who count between 25 and 35 years of service.


Twintex Invest Group received the Status of Enterprise of Strategic Interest to the Region’s Economy

Last July the 8th, the Portuguese Ministry of Economy granted The Status of Enterprise of Strategic Interest to the Twintex Invest Group, as a sign of recognition for its Social and Economical relevance.


Twintex wins IADE Invest Award

IADE – Creative University awarded TWINTEX with The Invest Award 2014, together with Vodafone, Ikea & Roche, due to the strong support which these companies extended to the University during the Academic Year.

This is a new demonstration of Twintex´s open mind and will to intimately integrate the Academic Life.


Twintex provides free Medical Assistance to the whole Twintex Family

It is a remarkable step to have this project launched, offering Medical Appointments within TWINTEX facilities, as well as direct delivery of all medicines from the pharmacy.

If any blood analysis is needed, the nurse can do it here as well. These actions received a very warm welcome, improving the quality of life and at the same time increasing productivity results.


Tailored Heritage

After several years of P.D. and Investigation, Twintex is now offering Full Canvas and Half Canvas construction on the Women´s Blazers.

This distinctive construction offers a unique comfort, whilst showing Tailoring details such as the hand stitch sleeve head.

Twintex´s clients will be soon invited for the first Twintex Tailoring Workshop.


Twintex Encourages the Children to Play Musical Instruments

As part of our Social Compliance, during this academic year we have proudly supported a Musical Project called “Plante um Musico” ("Grow-Up a Musician") organized by Music Conductor Luis Cipriano.
This allowed two children to access music classes free of cost.
The crucial moment of the project happened on Children’s Day when we organized, in TWINTEX premises a Musical Workshop to all our collaborator’s children.

We had the presence of the project founder and the children that we support, both teaching the children in the audience how to play a musical instrument in only 45 minutes.
It was an amazing cultural moment, bringing together the workers, in their workplace and transforming it in a space to learn and to enjoy familiar moments.


The Twintex Social Compliance

Last Christmas was really special for Twintex. This special month started with the offer, by the Local Elementary School, of a Christmas Tree made by children with the waste materials from our production, and they obtained this amazing final result.

Social Concern is more than a concept for Twintex and its workers. Last Christmas' Breakfast, as it is usual every year, the administration joined all workers to celebrate one more Christmas. But this time with a surprise.

All workers decided to give a Twintex Award of World Best Boss to the Mineiro's Family, and they also offered an Honor Book with photos of special moments and messages of courage to keep going with the good work, and congratulations for all work environment.


Finally the DREAM CAME TRUE!

Twintex´s pursue for sustainability just gave a cutting edge step with the inauguration of the 1000 Sqm photovoltaic power plant, by His Excellency The Minister of Development Mr. Poiares Maduro and the Mayor of Fundão Mr. Paulo Fernandes.

With this Top of the Art Investment, Twintex becomes the first Clothing Manufacturer in Portugal to produce 30% of its own electricity.

Twintex took the chance to do an Open Day Event, during which every one of us was invited to bring Family and Friends, to testify how well industry can leave in harmony with the environment.


António Mineiro receives Industrial Merit Medal

As part of the celebrations of the 265th Anniversary of Fundão's County, City Hall has decided to reward the LARGEST EMPLOYER of the region employing 300, António Mineiro, Owner and CEO of Twintex.


António Mineiro receives Industrial Merit Medal

This award was personally handed by Angela Ahrendt, Andy Janowsk, Fabrizio Fabbio and Isabelle Von Watzdorf.

Protect Award winner has woven these social and sustainable agendas into their corporate ethos. They are committed to improving conditions and exceeding standards for their workforce, investing in the community in which they operate and reducing their impact on the environment. I am pleased to present the Protect Award to a vendor who puts Burberry values into practice on their factory floor every day. CONGRATULATIONS TO TWINTEX!"